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Bara Imambara , Chota Imambara, 50/- 25/-
Bhool-Bhulaiya, 40/- 20/-
Shahi Baoli 20/- 10/-
Picture Gallery 20/- 10-
Shahi Hamam 20/- 10-
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1 10 Muharram
2 Chehlum
3 8 Rabi-ul-Awwal
4 21 Ramzan

About Asafi Masjid

Asafi Masjid

Based on the conventional style of later Mughals, the Asafi Masjid was designed by Kaifiat Ullah and built by one of the greatest builders of Lucknow—Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula. This mosque, facing Karbala in Mecca, was completed in 1794 and forms part of the Bara Imambara Complex. Asafi Masjid is located in the north-western side of the courtyard in the complex. The Asafi Masjid is topped by three garlic shaped domes with the largest one in the middle accessed by the main doorway and minarets on either side. It is a spacious mosque with a wide façade and twin halls built on elevated basement. The combined length and breadth of the double hall are 55.77 meters and 24.68 meters respectively. And, the ceiling of the mosque hits 9.75 meters. The mihrabs on the western walls are famous for their arabesque designs.

Source provided by Mr. Vincent Van Ross

जिस किसी ने भी लखनऊ की भूलभुलैया देखी होगी मस्जिद आसफी ज़रूर देखी होगी। बड़े ही सुन्दर अनुपात में गुम्बदों मीनारों का सरमाया उठाए, ये मस्जिद नवाब आसफुद्दौला की निराली शानोशौकत की बड़ी लाजवाब नुमाइश करती है। जीनए-फिरदौस (स्वर्ग सोपान) की तरह कई पहलों से तराशी हुई इस मस्जिद की सीढियां जीना-दर-जीना नवाबी नमाज, माहे रमज़ान की आख़री, जुमा, ईद एवं बकरीद की नमाज़ बड़ी संख्या में अदा की जाती है।